What is Fabel®


What is Fabel®?

The FamilienGesundheitsZentrum offers FABEL® as a parent-child course. FABEL® stands for family-centered baby parenting concept and was designed for the child's first year of life.


The development of the child in the first year of life is faster and more comprehensive than we could have guessed just a few years ago. Recent brain research has shown that our children are learning and competent beings at all stages of their development. FABEL® provides an environment that empathically supports this development. The FABEL® course offers age-appropriate play and exercise units for children and parents: with finger and massage games, appealing songs, exercise programs and games for all the senses. In order to strengthen the relationship be-tween parents and children, guided observation units offer the possibility to consciously perceive small and large de-velopmental stages of the children and to correctly interpret the child’s signals. The children experience this as an ap-preciation of their activities. In the FABEL® course, young parents also receive answers to their questions about the new life situation. The FABEL® course instructor provides information on all relevant baby and parenthood related topics.

No overstimulation

The FABEL® concept assumes that parents and children already have great skills which they need to discover and deepen. "We do not serve the early support madness," says Brigitte Peterka, Managing Director of the Women's Health Center. "The children do not need to promote additional impulses." However, a structured and reliable environ-ment is important. Mutual support and exchange within the group is possible. Certified FABEL® group facilitators mod-erate the conversation and create an atmosphere of mutual appreciation.

Having fun is priority

Enthusiasm about the children's abilities, shared laughter, contacts with families in similar situations and mutual ex-change characterize the FABEL® courses, which take place once a week for 90 minutes each at the FrauenGesund-heitsZentrum (Women's Health Center). Often long-term friendships develop that last for years. The FABEL® program was developed by the GfG Gesellschaft für Geburtsvorbereitung, Familenbildung und Frauengesundheit (Society for Birth Preparation, Family Education and Women's Health) and funded by the Federal Ministry for Families, Senior Citi-zens, Women and Youth.

Early registration is recommended as course places are limited.

At the beginning of the course the babies are 3 months old and about the same age. We offer 2-3 courses per birth month with 7 places.


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